Novamont Kenya Limited was established in the year of 2017 spearheaded by individuals who strive to be difference makers utilizing technology as solutions to combat the global plastic epidemic. Novamont Kenya provides eco-friendly inimitable bio-cassava bag made from industrial grade cassava starch and other natural ingredients, complimented with a full range of sustainable seedling bags and garbage bags made from renewable resources.

Through years of research and development prior to its launch, Novamont has successfully embarked on its mission to replace disposable plastic products which take hundreds and even thousands of years to be decomposed by Mother nature by using renewable resources made from plants. Parallel to that, placing sustainability as its core business values, Novamont is committed to exercise good corporate governance by adopting the Triple Bottom Line approach in assuring the sustainability of its business. Novamont is focused on entering regions where consumers have demonstrated a proclivity for eco-friendly products and are thus targeting cooperation with clients and distributors in developed markets.

Novamont Kenya provides eco-friendly inimitable Bio-cassava Bags made from industrial grade cassava starch and other natural ingredients, complimented with a full range of sustainable Seedling Bags and Cassa Disposable Garbage Bags made from cassava starch.

In the year 2019, as an essential-driven business, Novamont has invested in innovating and renovating new brands to stay on par with dynamic consumer trends. Some of these brands include all the Non-woven products that range from, carrier bags, laundry bags, seedling bags, head gears, foot ware, gowns, overalls among many other items made from the non-woven material.

Novamont also takes time to study the market and understand consumer needs and wants as well as how best to satisfy them. We do pride in our vision and goal in ensuring that we protect the environment by offering bio-degradable products to our clients.

That is why we constantly reach our clients so as to offer them the best at all times.


our commitment

Novamont plays a prominent role in supporting government initiatives in its mission to providing effective solutions to the global issue of plastic pollution.With the new regulations to curb the use of plastic bags in Kenya, Novamont reciprocated with the interest of providing its  ‘Cassa Bag’  to a number of key markets around; indicative of the global nature of this movement towards green lifestyles.
Our business philosophy  is to design and develop commercial  solutions to a social problem specifically in this case to provide environmentally friendly, sustainable, low cost, practical alternatives to single use plastic bags.


Conducting business in these times has become a global process. With globalization  comes an even greater need for transparency concerning the origins and sourcing methods of the products we consume or use. Consumers not only need to know precisely how, where and under what circumstances  their goods are produced, they should actively seek and demand such information before determining their purchase. Our customers are certainly entitled to know this information which is readily available to them at all times. We take confidence  in the importance we place on;

Factory Standards: Novamont works only with a select and limited number of preferred production partners and conducts its business under a conditional Supply Agreement. Our team has the responsibility  for overseeing the continued adherence to appropriate factory standards, particularly  in the areas of employees’ health and safety.
International  Standards Accreditation:  In addition to quite stringent independent factory audits carried our randomly by our larger corporate clients, each of our production partners have achieved certified ISO level accreditation. We hold beyond compliance expectations  and standards for the production and quality of our end products.
Transparency  and Traceability: All products supplied by Novamont carry a clearly visible and identifiable label either inside or outside our bags.

our certifications